Learning English through Oral Presentations


Learning English through oral presentations is a program for teaching English designed for English learners who already understand English, but face difficulties to produce it. It is based on my personal experience, on how I became fluent at English.

In the beginning I hesitated to launch this program as there exist so many materials for teaching and learning English. However, I believe that every situation is unique and that a material that may suit a category of people may not suit another category. Therefore, I designed this course focusing on the productive skills of language (writing and speaking) and addressing those learners who want to improve their communication skills of English.

You may wonder why I chose oral presentations, why not another method. Well, the reason behind me choosing oral presentations is simply because that’s how I learned and developed my speaking skills.

In addition, oral presentations will drive you not only to speak, but to write too; they serve a dual purpose. Another important aspect of oral presentations is that they will help you overcome your fears of speaking in small as well as large groups.

To conclude, Brian Lies said: “Practice makes better”. Practice is the key to master any skill at all, and language learning is no exception. Thus, communication skills of English are developed and mastered through oral presentation practice.




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